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REAP - Rural Energy for America Program


Who is eligible?

Farmers - Individual or entity directly engaged in agricultural production where 50% or greater of its gross income is derived from agricultural production. Incorporating the operation as an LLC or otherwise can ensure that your farm exceeds this threshold.

Rural Small Businesses - A business is defined as "small" using the SBA Size Standards Table. It is defined as "rural" with USDA's Rural Eligibility Map.

What kinds of energy projects are eligible?

Construction of renewable energy systems (wind, solar, renewable biomass, micro-hydro, geothermal) or energy efficiency improvements that will benefit an agricultural production facility. Residences cannot be tied to projects. Technologies must be commercially available and feasible. Grants can only go toward post-application purchases/installations.

How much, and how is it awarded?

Applicants may qualify for a grant for 25% of eligible project costs, limited to the grant maximums.  Awards are competitive, and notification of award typically comes within 6 weeks of application submission deadline. The award is delivered as a reimbursement after project purchases have been made. Submitting an application does not constitute a requirement to complete the proposed project.

Renewable Energy--  Minimum grant: $2,500; Maximum grant: $500,000

Energy Efficiency--  Minimum grant: $1,500; Maximum grant: $250,000

When is the next deadline?

  • Projects $80,000 and under in total project costs have two deadlines/year:
    April 1st and October 31st

  • Projects over $80,000 in total project costs have only one deadline/year:
    April 1st

How can energyCAP help?

  • Over-the-phone or on-site guidance and consulting on project options

  • Connection with energy auditors, energy efficiency professionals, renewable energy installers

  • Application assistance (see below)

More information:

How to Apply


Option #1:
WNC energyCAP REAP Application Completion Service

WNC energyCAP completes REAP applications on behalf of applicants in NC and SC for a small fee, which can often be paid for by the energy installer. Visit our REAP Application Completion Service Page to learn more.


Option #2:
Self-Directed REAP Application Completion

The REAP application process can be difficult to navigate for first-time applicants. For those who decide to complete the process on their own, we have attempted to streamline the process with the following 7-step process.

1.   DUNS number obtained from D&B website (takes 1-2 days) to be used in the SAM.gov registration process. Save the summary page for use with future steps. (You may already have a DUNS. Use the DUNS Lookup to find out.)

2.  Account (username and password) on SAM.gov . Save this login information for use with future steps.

3.   Three years of business tax returns (or fewer if a new business/farm).

4.   Quote/report from energy installer and agreements, contracts, etc. for the project being considered (as well as an energy audit for energy efficiency projects).

if your project exceeds $200,000 in project costs, a third-party feasibility study is required as well.

5.   Documentation of matching funds for the project (a bank/investment statement or loan commitment letter that shows you have funds for the project).

if your project exceeds $200,000 in project costs, past, current, and pro forma financial statements are required as well.

6. Register your Entity on SAM.gov after you obtain the DUNS number and after you obtain a SAM.gov username and password. We can assist you in navigating this process either over-the-phone or in-person. If you’d like to take a first look at it yourself, see the “Quick Start Guide for New Grantee Registration” for instructions on navigating the SAM.gov website. (it takes about a week to return a grantee registration number, which is needed before step #7 can be completed.)

Please note that as of Summer 2018, this step now requires you to draft, sign, and notarize a letter that certifies the Entity Administrator. See the Federal Service Desk web instructions for details. We can prepare the correct language for this letter for you to simply sign/notarize/mail off if you choose to have us prepare your application.

7.    Complete the appropriate REAP application forms. Once you've completed or have in-hand all of the above, you can start filling out the REAP application form, as well as the required additional sub-forms. 

Application forms:

Form RD 4280-3A: Projects under $80,000.

Form RD 4280-3B: Projects between $80,000 and $200,000.

Form RD 4280-3C: Projects greater than $200,000.

Form SF-424: All projects.

Form SF-424D: All projects.

Form RD-1940-20: All projects.

Form AD-3030: All projects.

Form SF-424C: All projects.