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Danny Barrett's Ten Acre Farm

This project was funded exclusively through a TVA grant funding program.

In the small community of Bethel, just outside of Canton, NC, there are several large tracts of land that are home to many mountain farms. Many have been passed down from generation to generation, just like Danny Barrett’s farm has. Barrett is the owner and operator of Ten Acre Farms, located just off Lake Logan Road. This farm is a century farm, meaning that the land has been utilized for one hundred years or more. Barrett’s family were the first settlers in this valley that has spectacular views from the base of the historic Cold Mountain.

On the farm, Barrett produces many crops like tomatoes, strawberries, various types of greens, corn, beans, herbs, watermelon, and many other fruits and vegetables. Barrett has recently faced the struggles of losing his helpers and becoming overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done on the farm. He needed to do something to help improve his sales as well as his space to sell his produce.  

Southwestern NC RC&D Council partnered with Barrett to supply him with a grant to revamp his produce stand. With this money, Barrett replaced the old shop lights that were originally in the stand with new LED track lights for better lighting, replaced the ceiling fans and purchased a new restaurant-grade cooler to store produce in as well. Another portion of the money went to pouring concrete slabs underneath the counter space as well as the cooler.

“I love to farm, I love the growin’ part of it. I love to see my customers enjoy what I grow!” remarked Barrett about his farm. It is clear that this grant helped Barrett improve not only the environment of the produce stand, but it has also gave him a better outlet to do what he enjoys and also supply the community with the products he produces.