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REAP Applicants
(Farms / Rural Small Businesses)

You'll need: 
Your signed contract with us, the last three years of your tax returns (top pages), proof of matching funds (loan letter, bank statement, line of credit document, etc.), documentation of employee number (Payroll, Quickbooks employee log, etc. This is not required if applying as a farm).


You'll need:
The complete quote/site assessment document for the proposed project (including annual generation and usage estimates), the cost per kWh of electricity in the applicant's utility rate structure, and basic info about your company's qualifications.



You'll need:
Both your complete quote/assessment document you provided to the applicant, as well as the energy audit document from the certified auditor (such as Waste Reduction Partners). Be prepared to fill in the basics about the proposal (current energy use, proposed energy use, cost of energy, and basics about your company’s qualifications).