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The acronym "RC&D" is short for Resource Conservation and Development. RC&D is a unique organization that helps people protect and develop their economic, natural, and social resources in ways that improve their area's economy, environment, and quality of life. Local RC&D Councils provide a way for people to plan and implement projects that will make their communities a better place to live. They bring together people, needs, concerns, opportunities, and solutions. RC&Ds were established in the Agriculture Act of 1962 to provide a program that empowered rural people to help themselves. The focus on local direction and control has made RC&D one of the most successful rural development programs of the Federal Government.

What Type of Assistance can an RC&D Provide for a Project?

RC&Ds identify agencies or organizations that can assist in completing each step of a project plan, to serve as sources of technical assistance and to provide financial resources if needed. RC&Ds provide the vehicle for achieving a goal and completing projects. However, a project is not an "RC&D project" in the sense that an RC&D does everything. Local leadership and support are key elements for any successful project.

Types of assistance available include:

  • identifying potential funding sources

  • serving as an umbrella organization for new non-profits and foundations

  • working with grants

  • coordinating technical assistance

  • serving as a conduit for "pass-through" grants

  • conducting research

  • helping with grant administration

  • coordinating mailings

  • organizing events

  • conducting information campaigns

  • hiring multi-county employees

  • conducting tours and educational events

The amount and kind of assistance depends on the type of project and the Council's wishes.