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This grant program is funded exclusively by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.
This grant program is funded exclusively by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.




Can I stack this 25% EnergyCAP grant with the 25% USDA-REAP grant?

Yes! As long as you qualify and apply for both, it is possible to be awarded both for a total of 50% cost-share funding. REAP has more restrictive guidelines and a more difficult application process, but we can help you find out of the project's a good match. See our REAP page for details. We offer free REAP application assistance for applicants to the EnergyCAP Small Farm Energy Grants Program, and details for taking advantage of this service are included as an attachment in the application packet.

How is an EnergyCAP Small Farm Energy grant different from a REAP grant?

They are very similar in terms of cost-share amount (25%), deadlines (two per year: April 30th and October 31st), and eligible technologies. A few key differences are:

  1. REAP requires farmers to show proof that 50% of the owner's income comes from the farm. The EnergyCAP SFE grant gives priority to farmers who have filed a Schedule F (or equivalent Schedule C) showing sales of agricultural products in at least one out of the last three years, but all farmers are encouraged to apply.
  2. REAP has higher project cost minimums ($10,000 for renewable energy systems, $6,000 for energy efficiency). EnergyCAP SFE grants have project cost minimums of $4,000.
  3. REAP requires an ASABE-approved energy audit for energy efficiency projects. EnergyCAP SFE grants require only an energy assessment and project payback estimation by an EnergyCAP project coordinator.